Closed Shop, Issue and Minds

The shutters on my online shop have closed for good and hopefully the shutters on the encounter with ignorance have closed- though I can still hear an incessant noise!

I walked away with my head held high, knowing that I was correct in my challenge and in expressing my feelings on the matter mentioned in the previous post; unfortunately ignorance has prevailed and the individual still believes they have done nothing wrong!
Sadly, it's all being treated as a bit of a joke, with the person and her misguided followers nitpicking at my blog posts (yes I do have the right to self refer as a 'queen', but heterosexuals do not have the privilege of freely using the word queer); there's also blatant lies; tiresome mentions of solicitors (you have my sympathy) and for someone to disagree with what I have to say, why on earth would they want to follow my blog? (stupidity knows no limits!)

I do have a set of balls (and believe me, with the amount of shit that I have put up with over the years, they're titanium, not brass)- but I wasn't going to name and shame on the last blog post, that would just be pointless and petty (and from what I have read, this individual is making a right display of herself anyway)- I wanted to express my feelings about homophobia and the use of homophobic terms and used my recent encounter to illustrate it.
Just to mention that it was actually the remark (R-E-M-A-R-K) that was homophobic, that's what I had challenged, not once did I ever call this individual homphobic, talk about knee jerk reaction!

At present, I haven't got the energy or the inclination to deal with it; suffice to say that it did sicken me to see the school gang bullying mentality; the ignorant and snide remarks from the individual and from others in her support; their comments were not only against me, but directed to others that were in defense of what I had said- it just reminded me of the reality of how nasty and vindictive people can be- which is partly the reason I couldn't continue to keep my shop open- 'haters gonna hate'!

This will be the last post on this matter, I've paid too much lip service to it already and it's hanging around like a silent fart- time to air the room!

I would like to end on a quote-
'There are two kinds of people in this world, my kind of people and assholes...'