...not quite near the edge, fortunately! Weather looking a bit brighter- on the clear days I can see all the things that have fell by here!



'There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday-
that time is age 11'


Always remember...


'Nobody cares if you can't dance well, just get up and DANCE!'


Say It With Flowers...

A rose can say I Love You
Orchids can enthrall,
But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
Oh my that says it all!




Every Picture

'A photograph is always invisible, it is not it that we see.' -Roland Barthes

Of all the photographs I have, this one is a particular favourite; it's not totally in focus and a little worn- but it's one of those photos that means a lot to me.
I knew the photo was around somewhere; but didn't find it again until my aunt passed away a few years ago- I went to her house, to collect a few photos as keepsakes, and it was in one of the boxes. My aunt is in the photo, along with my dad and my grandparent’s dog, Jock (a Scotch terrier that lived to the grand old age of 18!), and a young me.
Sometimes, when I look at this photo, I get a little sad, as it reminds me of what has gone from my life; a time from childhood that has long passed, family and a much loved pet, who are no longer here. It’s usually at times when I'm feeling anxious over the uncertainty of life, I get overwhelmed with moments of nostalgia but then have to accept the harsh reality of what has gone, is gone forever.
It may be cliché - but life is short,  and we should always try and make the best of the time that we do have; and most importantly, to tell loved ones how much they mean to you.



Some people...

*Note- this was a graphic by me, done in the style of American artist Barbara Kruger.