O Kitty Tree! O Kitty Tree!

It may be that season- but the only tree I put up yesterday was the cat activity one that I ordered on Ebay. During assembly I was starting to realise that it was a bit larger than what I had anticipated. A stunning construction (fig 1) of chip board pieces covered in grey fun-fur; it has a cylindrical futurist viewing turret and a retro modernist wedge shaped sleeping box. The whole thing smells a bit like chippy vinegar(?)- I'm hoping this will fade- at least for now it's masking that particular spot where Peaches kept scenting before she was fixed.

I  removed the furry mouse toys that came attached;  they were made from what I assume was rabbit fur (not just grey, but black and white rabbit fur) and I recently had seen some very disturbing images, on the PETA site, of how rabbit fur is obtained,  I also used to have a pet rabbit- so as much as I love my cats, the real fur toys were out and replaced with faux fur ones!

As expected, and in true, typical feline style- the cats were a lot more interested in the large box that it came in! Thankfully they're all using the tree now- only because I took away the box and placed catnip and kitty treats all over the thing!
Needless to say the main 'activity' that the tree is encouraging, is the one that cats are champions at... napping!