My name is David, I’m originally from Glasgow but currently living in Nottingham.
I started this blog to use as a dumping ground for all the random stuff. I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be much of a regular blogger, as sometimes you just don't feel like talking, or you might not have anything of interest to say.
I have been involved in various creative fields, from graphic design, making short films and videos to multi-media exhibitions. I am a very visual person; my tastes are eclectic and I get inspiration and ideas from various sources.

Eye Love comes from a tattoo that I had done quite a number of years ago; it did have a different meaning for me initially, but now I think of it as my love of the visual; I always use it as a personal logo.

Japanese culture, art, music, films, animals and nature, magik.
Favorite Artists...
David Lachapelle, Pierre et Gilles, Tamara de Lempika, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Steven Klein, The Chapman Brothers, Joe Oppedisano, Amanda Lepore.
Favorite Films...
Female Trouble, Daughters of Darkness, Suspiria, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original), Evil Dead, Double Agent 73, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Planet Terror, Japanese horror movies- Ringu, Italian Giallos, John Waters movies.

Random Factoids 
1. On average, I drink 12 cups of tea a day.
2. I get more upset when I see animal suffering and cruelty than I do with human suffering and cruelty.
3. Looking at baby animals or animals giving birth can reduce me to tears.
4. I love cherry blossom trees and like seeing the blossoms scattering in a breeze.
5. I don’t fear death but fear getting old and the decline of the mind and body.
6. I really detest rudeness, bad manners and arrogance.
7. I feel embarrassed and humble when I receive gifts, so much so, that I would rather not receive them.
8. I used to practice hoodoo until I realised that there was maybe some truth to the ‘Threefold Law’.
9. I have separate recurring dreams about buying trinkets in a flea market, rescuing goldfish in filthy tanks or trying to gather lots of pet rodents that have escaped from their cage.
10. I prefer silver to gold.
11. When I see someone bending over, I have this compulsion to want to kick their backside.
12. I like closing my eyes and getting lost in music when I dance.
13. I have a scatological and mischeivous sense of humour.
14. I probably have a far from liberal view on crime and punishment.
15. Despite looking at a pub food menu, I always seem to order fish & chips.
16. I have an obsessive nature and think too much.
17. I would love to visit Japan, and I know how to say, ‘how much will this letter to Scotland cost’ and ‘can you speak more slowly’ in Japanese.
18. I can’t look at my reflection properly and make conscious efforts to avoid it.
19. I was 4 years old when I first got drunk, on half a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream sherry.
20. I love the smells of fresh ginger, orange oil and patchouli.
21. I have given someone rabbit poo to eat, letting them think it was chocolate.