Time goes by...

Time does fly by and not necessarily when you're having fun.

The day I turned 40, came and went; no supernova or implosion, more like the setting off a party popper- underwater, all in all, just another typical ho-hum day. Part of me wasn't bothered that it was a quiet day; but a tiny glowing ember of my hedonist nature would've liked an all-singing-all-dancing-hearty-bells-and-whistles party. I think I felt that it would have been the last chance- the final age- to party hard, before you start considering the health risks!

A friend wished me happy birthday on my Facebook page, I liked the way it had been phrased-

'...once more round the sun!'

Perhaps I thought too deeply (as per) about the sentiment; but it did make me realise that 40 is just a number, representing the number of times I've been round the sun- along with everyone, more or less, on earth. The significance put upon these 'milestone' birthdays, is a socially constructed one; and the emphasis placed on youth is media perpetuated- so there is no reason to think, that after 40, it's all downhill from there on.