Objects of Desire

When it comes to objects that I would like to own, I tend to get a little obsessed! (See 100% Reality Mind)
My recent obsession was in the feline form of the Maneki Neko- 'beckoning cat'- this is a traditional Japanese symbol of good fortune, and is a statue of cat with one paw raised and usually holding a coin.
The statues come in all shapes and sizes and stand in the windows and doors of Japanese and Chinese businesses, to beckon in customers and attract good luck. There are also ones for luck in love, study and health. I was recently in the local East Asian food shop and saw an impressive gold Maneki Neko, around 3ft- I wanted one! (cue obsession...)

I searched the internet, whenever I was online, but the biggest one I could find was 16 inches, and it was more of a dull gold colour  rather than the smooth gilted shiny gold one that I saw in the shop. However, it was during the search, I came across a more modest sized Maneki Neko on Ebay- a mere 4cm; it was a bronze, vintage incense holder- new obsession mode initiated - I now wanted that one!

For a couple of days I kept checking this item on Ebay; I have never bid on anything before as I always buy it now- so I was getting a bit anxious about the whole bidding thing, reading up on the tips and tricks on successful bidding and the dark art of 'sniping'- where you swoop in on the final seconds of the auction and place the bid.

In the remaining auction time, the bidding price for the Maneki Neko quickly increased; obviously someone else was as determined to own the item, but good fortune smiled (or in this case, waved) and I won the bidding battle- without the wallet being badly injured (just slightly bruised!)

The small object of my desire
PS. I still would like a 3 ft gold Maneki Neko!