Happy New Year...

It seems a bit late to be talking about a New Year- not that I've just woken up from some serious partying (I did have a few glasses of very nice wine, which was the first drink in a year and a half!)- but I guess I couldn't really write something at this time without giving it a mention.

For a person like me who frequently forgets what day of the week it is; New Year is really not that different- it's just a measure of time and if it wasn't for the madness and fuss that's made over the whole festive season- I would be none the wiser as to when the year had begun!

Like a lot of individuals on the planet, I did indulge in the reflective-pondering-life-and-all-that's-in-it thing on the days leading up to New Year- no matter how hard I try not to; and I always end up getting a bit emotional! Sad to say, but I always feel slightly relieved that I got through another year without any major sad/ bad event occurring- there was a time, where it seemed like one bad thing after another was I'm still 'clearing out the cupboards', (and believe me there is a lot of junk to sift through) but I do greet this new year with a slightly (ever so slightly!) more optimistic view, than before.

I haven't made any big concrete plans for this year, as experience has taught me that this can potentially lead to heartbreak when they crumble in the later months (cynicism default!)- so as usual I'm going for the more flexible-leave-it-in-the-lap-of-the-gods option- and hope that they're smiling on me this year!

 Best Wishes for 2011!