I’ve been having a real problem with fungus gnats; annoying little flies that come from houseplants (caused by bad drainage and over watering- yes, guilty as charged) they literally do get up your nose.
I was searching the web for remedies for the infestation and one recommended a mixture of Ivory liquid soap and water to drench the plants; the Ivory soap name stuck in my head, then I realised that it was the Ivory Snow packaging that porn actress, Marilyn Chambers, had appeared on, before she went on to star in the porn film Behind the Green Door. I had only ever seen her in David Cronenberg’s horror movie Rabid, and had heard she went on to make another porno when she was in her late forties. It was after another internet search that I find out that Marilyn Chambers died last year, at 56, from a brain aneurysm- and that’s how I went, in a few clicks, from fungus gnats to the death of a porn star.