A Tan Too Far

I know I'm not supposed to...but I left the quarantine of the house to go for a walk.
I don't think it was the effect of the flu, but I seen this girl standing at the bus stop and she looked like a Japanese Ganguro- she was toffee coloured, with bleached white hair (most likely extensions) and day-glo pink lipstick!
I may have thought that she looked great (as I do with Ganguro)- but I knew she wasn't looking like that as part of a rebellion against convention; and most likely the sad fact of the matter was she probably believed she looked all natural and pretty.

'Ganguro (ガングロ; "Black Face Girls") is an alternative fashion trend of blonde or orange hair and tanned skin among young Japanese women that peaked in popularity around the year 2000, but remains evident today.
The purpose is to elicit the iconic look of tanned, blonde girls of California, USA or Chavs/Neds of the UK.
The Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts of Tokyo are the center of ganguro fashion.'

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