Ladybird, ladybird...

The other day, while waiting to be served lunch at a theatre restaurant, I noticed this ladybird on the table, I lifted it carefully and put it on to the seat beside me; the ladybird just seem to be walking around in a circle and I couldn't stop watching it.
I lifted it up again, hoping that it would fly off my finger-but it didn't, it just crawled all over my hand, I was struggling to get my money out of my wallet, so my partner took the ladybird and flicked it to the ground. I looked to make sure that it was okay; but then a new set of anxieties came over me- it might get trampled on! I really couldn't concentrate on ordering as I kept glancing at this ladybird scuttling along the ground.
My anxiety finally got the better of me- I got up from the table, lifted the ladybird and placed it on some leaves on a shrub nearby, worries finally over.
I thought to myself, how ridiculous, but then I've also been rescuing ants from the cat's water bowl, blowing them dry and then putting them out the window!