Where's Your Head At?

Today I posted something on a forum, something that I did actually believe, but after the reactions, it made me think that maybe I was wrong in what I said and what I felt.
I realise that I am so full of self doubt that I have to almost second guess anything I say or do; I have also started to be very self aware to the point that I listen and pass judgement on what I am saying.

I know my mental health hasn't been 100% (not even 70%), but I do worry about it sometimes; if it was just 'depression' fair enough, I can deal with that, but it just seems that there's all this other 'bonus material' going on. I don't know whether it's the medication, depression, anxiety or is it just me as a person? It's frustrating, because I can't come to a conclusion as I doubt my answers and what I think!

I think the social isolation is a big factor in how I feel these days- I don't see anyone, make the odd comment virtually and speak to family on the phone-that's it, and I am concerned at the effect it is having or worryingly, the consequences that it could lead to. I could be more pro-active in socialising, but then the anxieties put a block on any ideas I have.