One Should Never See

I consider myself a bit jaded when it comes to shocking images, that is apart from anything that depicts cruelty to animals- that I cannot bear to see. In the last couple of weeks, I've encountered websites that have depicted imagery that has stuck in my mind.

The first was a website that a friend had clicked on and there was a short video of male genital mutilation, really bad quality with some death metal soundtrack, it did have a disturbingly seedy is-it-real-or-not-real quality, I suppose that was my retribution after I had subjected the friend to the infamous Two Girls One Cup!

The second incidence of disturbing imagery was actually from the picture friendly Flickr site; now, there is pornography both commercial and amateur, posted by users on the site, but I came across some very sick pictures of sexual degradation of women. There was one image in particular that has stuck in my mind. These pics have since been removed, obviously someone reported them to the Flickr administrators- I wonder if they also have the images burned into their conscious?
I guess I'm not so un-shockable after all and there are a lot of twisted individuals in this world, and that you're just a click away from them.