On the 6th day...

'On the 6th day, let there be a light up-but there wasn't, and it was frustrating...'

Six whole days without a cigarette, it seemed fine on the first couple of days; but day three and day five were a bit of a struggle. At times, it felt as if my brain had been replaced by a bag of marshmallows, it's even felt a bit surreal and trippy. After seventeen years of puffing like a chimney, I guess it wasn't going to be that easy.
I have actually been reasonably fine moodwise, a bit irritable and a downright C U Next Tuesday at times; it was a stinker of a day, on Sunday, being followed by the 'black dog', but I think that was just one of those days.
For now, creativity is also on hold, till my brain starts being able to concentrate and focus without drifting off into a cloud of imaginary cigarette smoke.